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Pest Control Rats

Your rat infestation has been treated with: A cereal based poison bait containing an anticoagulant poison called Sakarat Bromaklli Rolled Oats* which contains the poison Bromadioline 0.005%.

Before the poison takes a full effect the rats normally feed several times before dying. Should the rat eat a sufficient amount to give them a lethal dose on their initial feed they will not suffer any ill effects until sometime after feeding. This means that the rats will not become suspicious and associate the bait with illness or death.

Rats are suspicious of new objects therefore it can take up to 7 days before the rats initially commence feeding on the bait.
Rats are attracted to the smell of other animals and their food eg, pets and wild birds etc. Care should be taken on ensuring you clear and dispose of all rubbish accordingly as well as correctly storing foodstuffs.

It can take 1-3 weeks after the bait has been laid that the infestation dies out completely.

If you find any dead rats you must ensure that your hands are protected before touching or moving the bodies. There could be a slight chance that a rat might die in a place where their bodies may smell, under floorboards for an example. We do not take any responsibility whatsoever should this occur.

Should you handle any rat contaminated objects without protection wash your hands immediately.

This treatment is guaranteed to eliminate your present rat infestation as long as you follow the advice given on proofing or any other matters are adhered to.

Treatments where the entry point into a building cannot be identified are not guaranteed or in a flat or terraced type dwelling. Our recommendation should you live in a property of this type would be to discuss your problem with your neighbours and encourage them to seek some pest control.