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Pest Control Grey Squirrels

We offer various treatments for Grey Squirrels.
One of the most effective methods for treating Squirrels is the use of bait poison. The bait is made of whole wheat that is soaked in an anticoagulant poison called Warfarin @ 0.02%. This is the only poison allowed by law to be used on Grey Squirrels.
The downside to this style of treatment is that when the Squirrels do contract the poison, they may well die in an inaccessible place and give off a smell once decomposing starts. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable and we can take no responsibility if this occurs.

We can also treat Grey Squirrels with the use of traps. This is an effective method, but does, by law, require the home owner/tenant to check the traps daily.

The last treatment we can use is a cull. Where applicable we can use air weapons to shoot the Squirrels. This method can be used inside and out and offers an instant result. This method would only be used inside as a last resort if results with the poison and traps were slow.
As Squirrels are territorial animals, we cannot guaranty any culls outside.

Once a treatment has been applied inside the house, the area has to be proofed against further infestation. We cannot guaranty any treatments until this has taken place. We offer this service at a further charge.